3 Critical Things To Know Before Hiring A Private English Tutor For Your Kid

The popularity of private english tutor has been growing over the past few years, with parents spending hundreds of billions of dollars on the service. But as a parent is it something you should consider investing in? How do you pick the best private English tutor for your kid, for instance? If you have been thinking about hiring a private tutor, here are a few important aspects that you need to know.

You need to have clear goals

Do you want your child to pass a test or class? Do you want them to learn a specific thing? If your goal is to pass a test or class or get short-term results, then you have performance goals. On the other hand, if you want your child to grasp an idea and be able to transfer it to a given situation, then you have a learning goal.

While parents tend to have the above categories of goals when it comes to private tuition, learning should always be prioritized. This is because learning will lead to better performance—though it will happen at its own pace. If you decide to opt for private tutoring for performance goals, you should remember that there are pitfalls. For instance, if your child needs excessive test prep to pass a given program, you should note that they may fail in whatever comes next.

There are free tutoring options

Before you opt for paid private tutoring services, it is important to explore free options. These include afterschool help from their teachers, professional tutoring from third-party companies that the school pays to come during weekends, school-based peer tutoring programs, and tutoring programs being offered in community libraries and centers. The old adage that’ you get what you pay for” doesn’t always apply to private tutoring. Peer or volunteer tutoring can just be as effective as paid tutoring services.

Have reasonable expectations

While private is likely to benefit your child, there are still no conclusive research on the benefits of tutoring because there are several factors at play. In fact, it is believed that the many hours spent on tutoring may have negative effects on students. Again, while a tutor experience, for instance, might make a student excel in a subject, it might also make minimal difference. What’s more student’s abilities vary. For instance, some students need to put more effort than others to learn certain concepts.

There you have it; a few aspects to consider before hiring a private English tutor for your child. Set the right goals, have reasonable expectations and remember that the process can only do so much because classroom instructions and environmental/living situations also come into play.

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