A Guide To Wearing Colored Contacts Lenses

Many people want to look their best and for them having beautiful eyes is important. This is because they believe that the eyes truly are the window to the soul. Herein lies the reason why so many people are wearing color contacts lenses today.

Why Wear Contacts

The main reason why so many people are choosing to wear contact lenses today is that they make your eyes look really beautiful. Since you’re probably already changing your hair, nail, and lip color, you should also consider changing your eye color – even if you only want to do so on special occasions. Once you try a pair on you’ll see that they’re a great way to change the way you look and create mesmerizing-looking eyes.

Safety Concerns

It’s important to make sure that the contacts you choose are FDA (U.S Food and Drug Administration) approved. Unfortunately, there are a lot of lens providers who aren’t. These are the ones you don’t want to wear. This is also why you should talk to your optician even if you don’t need a prescription. They can still help you find the right lenses to wear for cosmetic purposes so that you don’t harm your eyes.

Wearing Contacts

While it may seem weird to put something in your eye, it’s really easy to do so. Even if you don’t have a prescription for vision correction you can still wear them since there are some lenses (known as “piano formats” with power 0.00) that have been specially made for this. Of course, you should still get your optician’s approval to wear these lenses before doing so.

Choosing the Best Color

There are a lot of factors that you must consider (e.g. eye color, skin tone, the effect you’d like to create) when you want to choose the best color to wear. Most people want to create a striking look which is why they’ll choose contacts that aren’t normal for their complexion. For instance, when you have light blue eyes you may want to try green or grey opaque lenses while those who have darker eyes (e.g. green, brown) may opt for hazel.

The Bottom Line

You may have always wondered what you’d look like with different colored eyes. Would they make you look more striking? Finding out is as simple as choosing a pair of color contacts lenses. Now you know how to do so safely.

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