All About Rose Water Toner

Many girls don’t want to add chemical products in their skincare routine. The rose water toner is nothing but a blessing because it lets them enjoy a wide variety of benefits.

What is Rose water Toner?

This toner is made from the Rosa damascena flower. Another commonly used name of this flower is Damask rose. This toner is developed through distilling rose petals with steam. Due to its anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties, this toner has become quite popular nowadays. But what you must know is that rosewater has been in use for the skincare regime for centuries.

Best for All Skin Types

No matter if you have dry or combination skin, this toner will work great for it. Girls with sensitive skin find it hard to locate a product that doesn’t cause any issue on their skin surface, and thankfully they can rely entirely on this toner. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a great product not only for sensitivity but also for rosacea.

Rose Water Toner Bring Following Benefits for Your Skin

Tighten Skin Pore — Sometimes, heat and acne cause your pore to enlarge in size. Open-pore doesn’t look great, and your compact skin looks scaly and unattractive. One simple way to tighten your pore is to use rose water toner regularly.

Dead Skin Removal- If you don’t want to go with harsh scrubbing or chemical peeling, then a natural way to remove dead skin cells is to rely on rose water. You can use it daily as this product doesn’t bring any kind of side effects.

Black Heads and White-Heads — When you are done with cleansing, you can apply the toner of rose water all over your skin and then remove whiteheads and blackheads either by pressing or through a tool. Cleaning and toner soften your skin and blackheads, so the removal process becomes simple at this point.

Tone up Your Skin — As soon as you are done with your facial, make sure you apply rose water toner as it will balance your skin pH level and add a bit of moisturizer over it. During steam or scrubbing your pores open up, you can tighten them gently through a toner.

How to Use it?

Some girls make this toner at home through a combination of rose water and witch hazel- which work most of the time. However, other times you can rely on readymade toner. It’s good to keep a toner bottle in your fridge and spray it all over your face and neck once you are done with home cleaning and cooking. The main idea is to freshen up your skin. You can apply rose water toner through a cotton ball as well. As it has natural ingredients, so you can use it whenever you want and how often you want without worrying about its side effects.

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