Automotive Scissor Lift Selection

An automotive scissor lift can be extremely useful when trying to fix or maintain a car. These are common tools in auto shops and garages. More car owners are buying them so that they can perform repairs by themselves at home. With the car lifted off the ground, they get more clearance to work underneath while having a clear view of the vehicle’s underside. If you want to get your own, then consider the following factors during your selection:

Ceiling Height

How high is the ceiling in your garage? How high is top of your car? Get the difference of these two measurements to know the maximum limit of the lift’s height. There will be no sense going higher since you will hit the ceiling and damage your car. It’s okay if this means you need to go with a low-rise scissor lift. You will still have more clearance for maintenance tasks. If you have a high ceiling, then you can get a mid-rise or high-rise lift.

Installation Cost

The cost of the installation should be included in the calculations for total cash outlay. If you are getting a fixed unit, then be prepared to pay to have it bolted into place. If you are getting a portable unit, then you don’t have to worry about this as there is no installation to speak of. Just roll it to your preferred spot and let it do its thing.


Consider the footprint of the unit, especially if you have a narrow garage. You want something that won’t take up too much space so you can still walk around it if you have to reach for tools or inspect from a different angle. A smaller footprint usually means lower weight and better portability.


Check out the safety features built into the lift. When you are under the car, you want to have the confidence that you won’t be crushed underneath if anything goes wrong. Most of these have mechanisms that prevent a total breakdown. There are stops that will automatically kick in to arrest the fall. You may want to check the company’s safety record as well.


Of course, you will have to see if the lift has enough power to hold the weight of your car. Vans and SUVs weigh more than the usual sedans so you should find a high-capacity model if you have a bigger car.

Get an automotive scissor lift that fits your garage and your car.

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