Becoming A Civil Engineer In Adelaide, Australia

Civil engineering is a field that design, plan, organize and implement construction projects, including pipelines, gas, bridges, dams, water and sewerage systems, highways, and airports among other structures. Before erecting these projects, these professionals analyze the terrain, soil behavior based on the load, stress and pressure of the intended buildings. They also test the structural behavior of materials and test statical properties of the structures for durability. They also develop and implement transportation systems, create estimates of construction cost and monitor budgetary implementation. They also interpret plans, drawings, and apply the appropriate construction methods and procedures. Here are additional

Admission criteria for Civil Engineer Adelaide

The admission criteria for candidates wishing to enroll for a course in Civil Engineer Adelaide vary depending on the level of course. Applicants are expected to meet the following requirements and should demonstrate that they have the requisite qualifications for admission.

Recent secondary education

A minimum grade of C- or equivalent at high school
AND should:
• Qualify for the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE), and met the competitive Selection Rank (ATAR), or
• Have completed secondary qualifications equivalent to SACE, or
• Completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma with 24 points or more
However, applicants who have not met the Selection Rank (ATAR) to qualify for an automatic selection may enroll for any other remaining placements based on their subject grades.
Alternatively, one should have:
• Completed or partially done a higher education program at a reputable institution
• Completed at least 4 Open Universities Australia (OUA) courses at a bachelors or postgraduate level, or
• Completed an Associate Degree in Engineering provide by the University of South Australia
Should have vocational Education and Training (VET) in which he or she completed an award from a reputed training organisation at Certificate IV level or above
Other essential requirements for admission may include a SACE Stage 2 Math methods plus SACE Stage 2 Physics as an assumed qualification.


For professionals to gain a mileage, they are required to be accredited by Engineers Australia in order to show that they meet the Australian and international requirements for graduate members.

Civil engineering program prepares a candidate for a number of tasks, including:
• Site engineer
• Structural engineer
• Water engineer
• Project monitoring and consultant
• Planning engineer
Jobs where your degree would be useful include:
• Building/construction services engineer
• Quantity Surverying
• Engineering geologist
• Engineering management Executive
• Environmental consulting
• Sustainability consultancy
• Urban design
• Structural engineering
Career Outlook

The Australian civil occupations have been fueling the growth of the entire engineering vacancies over the past year with the sub-field registering the highest number of vacancies of all the engineering fields. In 2017 alone, the number of openings grew by over 300 from January of the same year. Ideally, the field has continued to witness a sustained increase in the number of vacancies and experts say the future is bright for those who have this kind of qualification. Australia’s strong housing construction industry has meant that employment or demand for civil engineers is set to grow significantly with the sector expected to grow by at least 19.5 percent by 2023. The number of employed as civil engineering professionals is projected to grow from 53,300 in 2018 to 60,500 by 2023. This projected growth is expected to arise (by 5600 annually over the next 4 years) out of new projects. Now you can enroll as a Civil Engineer Adelaide today and enjoy the fruits of a highly regarded career in Australia.

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