Choosing The Best Food Storage Containers

Leftover food storage can be huge concern for families, as well as, large commercial kitchens. Most prefer plastic food-grade containers as they are easy to wash and reuse, however, finding the right online Tupperware can be tough. As we all know, reusing plastic containers can be dangerous and a high-quality container brand is essential to prevent health concerns. Here is how you can choose a good brand for your requirements.

Glass vs. plastic containers: Glass is probably the most effective and safe food container. Its easy to wash, available in a range of shapes, and food can be reheated in it. Some containers have a glass lid with a rubber seal while others have a plastic lid with rubber seal. You can choose from several brands that offer glass food containers. The only disadvantage we can see is that glass is brittle, and the containers are expensive. Plastic containers are a dime-a-dozen but not all of them are made from top quality plastic. We recommend finding containers that have sealed lids with plastic rings and are made from BPA-free plastic. Check the bottom of the containers for their uses and recycling code. For example, items tagged with 1,2, 4, 5 are ideal for food storage. Avoid containers that are tagged with 7 as they contain BPA and are not recommended for food containers. The AAP also recommends avoiding the use of plastic containers that carry the code

3 as it contains polyvinyl chloride or vinyl and 6 as it contains polystyrene. Plastic is cheaper than glass, but the quality tends to vary considerably. The containers are also quite hardy and can last a lifetime.

Types of plastic: Clear polycarbonate containers can withstand hot and cold temperatures and they can easily resist acid foods and oils even after extended use. Polypropylene and polyethylene is 100% BPA free and can also withstand extreme temperatures.

Varieties and size: Most companies offer single use containers and stacked containers as well. Some companies also offer brands that are specially made for vegetarian or non-vegetarian food storage. Glass containers are also available in stacked containers. Glass containers are relatively nonporous and easy to sterilize and they can be used for meat and veg products. Container sizes tend to vary according to company and food storage. To get a good idea of colors, varieties and size, you can check online Tupperware stores and then make a choice.

As you can see, the choices are endless. We recommend you do your research and choose a good brand and type of food container to suit your needs.

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