Create Electronic Signature Online

A paperless society has been touted for several decades but it hasn’t happened as quickly as predicted. One of the barriers is the need to interact with documents in several important ways. It’s not just about filling up the blanks. We also need to affix our signatures for forms, contracts, and other agreements. There had to be a way to sign electronically for all of this to work. Technologies have been developed to fill this need. Now services are available online to allow anyone to upload and sign their documents. When you create electronic signature online, you get the following benefits:

Legally Binding

Electronic signatures have the force of a physical signature. Affix it in a contract and it becomes legally binding for the parties involved. The duties and responsibilities outlined in the document can be enforced by the courts. You don’t lose anything by opting for this type of signature. There is no need to print the document, sign it with a pen, and send it over to the other party via post. Sign directly and you will be good to go.


Sites that provide electronic signature services use several security features to ensure that the document and the signature stays private. Encryption protects the data while in transit such that it cannot be opened except by the intended recipient on the other end. This prevents the document from being read by unauthorized individuals. It also makes it unlikely for the signature to be forged. The identities of the signees can be authenticated and the signatures can be verified.


Create electronic signature make document processing go much faster than usual. There aren’t the usual delays that would prevent the papers from moving another step. You can sign it right away, then send it to the other parties which may also need to affix their signature, or submit it to the office that would ultimately need to evaluate it. Instead of waiting for months, you can finish transactions and contracts with weeks or even days. Imagine businesses that have to process multiple documents every day. Electronic signatures are a must.


The savings in time directly translates to savings in cash. Less funds need to be allocated to the department that processes the documents per item. They will be much more efficient than usual. You might also think about renters who wish to purchase a home. The sooner they can get approval, the sooner they can move in and stop paying their landlord.

Many well-known companies are already using this for convenience and efficiency. Try it yourself.

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