Diabetic Socks For Women – Provide You Comfort And Support

Diabetic socks for women are the best socks for people with diabetes. They help in preventing the occurrence of toenail fungus infection and protect the feet from developing fungal infections. It is also a great choice to use socks for foot odor control. These socks are made of soft materials, and they come in a wide variety of designs, colors, styles, and sizes to meet the needs and preferences of women.

Diabetic Super Socks

These socks contain polypropylene that is a material that can withstand extreme moisture without getting damaged. This material can absorb up to two times more moisture than ordinary socks. Super socks are available for women with diabetes and pregnant women. This is because pregnant women can easily lose their body heat and become susceptible to developing foot fungus and odor.

Wool Socks

Another kind of women’s diabetic socks is wool socks. Wool socks are a good choice to prevent the occurrence of skin rashes on the feet. They can also help control the temperature of the body and help improve blood circulation. Some manufacturers of women’s diabetic socks also produce socks that contain acrylic. Acrylic women’s socks have antimicrobial properties that can eliminate the occurrence of an athlete’s foot.

Nylon Socks

Nylon socks are ideal for people with diabetes because they are durable and can absorb up to six times more moisture than cotton socks. Women with diabetes should choose diabetic women’s socks that have nylon caps on the toes. These caps will help prevent fungus and odors from developing on the feet. Most of these socks have foot spreaders and anti-bacterial properties.

Another kind of women’s diabetic socks is polyamide. They are made from a mixture of two different kinds of fibers, such as acrylic and polyester. These socks can provide moisture and elasticity to the feet. Although several socks are available, you recommend that you try those with acrylic or polyester fibers.

In purchasing Diabetic socks for women, you can choose to have one size larger than your normal socks. This is particularly helpful when you frequently change your socks. You can also have your socks custom-made. You can consult a sock retailer to inquire about custom-made women’s diabetic socks. In this case, the manufacturer will prepare and make the necessary orders, and you will receive the socks at your doorstep. Your doctor can recommend a pair of socks that you can use for foot care purposes.

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