Does Zoho Have Payroll, And What Are Its Benefits?

Does Zoho have payroll? Yes, Zoho does have payroll. Zoho offers time tracking, invoice management, and commission payments too.

Manual Time Tracking – pay your employees by the hour (manually enter hours worked).

Automated Time Tracking – set up regular shifts for your employees and use GPS to track their location/activity during work hours (automatically records their working hours). You can also create an unlimited number of bills based on the number of hours worked each pay period (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.).

Invoice Management – Create professional invoices in PDF format with your logo and branding. Easily track & manage all invoices through a centralized system, so you always know where they are.

Commission Payments – Simply decide how much commission you want to give and how often. Zoho does the rest by creating professional, customized invoices for your employees (or contractors) on your behalf.

Here are some reasons you would want to use the Does Zoho have payroll for your business:

  1. Zoho is an affordable alternative – compared to other options in the market, Zoho offers affordable payroll processing fees starting at $10/employee per pay period (billed annually).
  2. You can choose from multiple plans – Zoho offers the following plans to support your payroll processing needs:
  • Starter (3 employees) – $10/employee per pay period (billed annually).
  • Pro (10 employees) – $15/employee per pay period (billed annually).
  • Unlimited (unlimited employees) – $20/employee per pay period (billed annually).
  1. You can choose from multiple currencies – easily process payroll in up to 3 different currencies.
  2. Flexible billing options – decide how much you want to pay each time and when you want to pay for it based on your business requirements. Monthly, bi-weekly, four weeks, six weeks & 8 weeks are some of the options available.
  3. You can manage your employees easily – create an unlimited number of different employee types (employees, contractors, interns, etc.) and keep track of their information through one centralized system.
  4. Manage all your tasks in one place – Zoho makes the entire payroll process easy by keeping all your records organized & secure in one central location, complete with graphs to track trends & charts to visualize history. The automated timesheets keep it simple for you to see how many hours each employee worked during a period, while the invoices created on your behalf give you peace of mind that everything is taken care of automatically, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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