Factors To Consider When Choosing A Toilet Commode

When it comes to your washroom, you need to add some extensions that will improve your washroom’s appearance and work in giving you an easy time when visiting your toilet. Surprisingly an average/healthy person visits the washroom 3000 times a year, and it is then wise and vital to pick a toilet commode that you will be happy sitting and seeing each morning.

Fortunately, today’s washroom/bath market offers something for every price. So whether you are seeking a traditional or a modern two-piece or just a standard white/colored toilet, you are sure to find one that meets your personal needs. And if the options confuse you, feel free to look at our toilet buying guide.


In washroom extensions, a rough-in is the distance from your main water supply wall or the wall behind your toilet to the cap of your new seat. The required standard has 10-14 inches, and your choices should always work towards getting this value. This is because a universal value determines the type of toilet commode you will use to install or fix your new toilet seat. So, when selecting toilet accessories, take your time and start measuring your rough-in and the best way to perform this critical process is to start from the bolt cap to the wall.

Style and Type

Toilets come in various types and styles, including transitional, traditional, electric, contemporary and modern. Once you have measured your style and type by looking at your space and other factors, you then consider the design of the toilet commode that suits you well. Toilet designs include a two-piece, tankless, wall-mounted, and one-piece, each style and design has its installment and here are some of them;


It comes with two units, a tank, and a bowl, all located on the top; depending on your design/model, you may be able to match and mix your tank and bowl. And if you are to interchange your bowl with your take, be sure you securely connect all the bowl’s nuts holes. This fits well if your washroom has limited space because it works in a variety of designs.

Tankless toilets and Wall-mounted Toilets

These options allow you to save some space since all the extensions are fitted on the wall giving you a lot of free space in your toilet. And if you have a friend/kids/family member who has some mobility problems, you can consider this option since it has all the space for a wheelchair and other movement spaces.


Your washroom should always give you that fantastic appearance. I know not all of us like spending some time in our washroom, but I guess it is because you don’t have the right toilet commode.

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