How To Get The Best Australian Wine For Cheap

A bottle of good Australian wine doesn’t come cheap, only if you don’t know how to source the wine or where to look for it. If you want to buy the best Australian wine and would like to know how to get it for bargain prices, keep reading to learn some tips and tricks.

Look for Bigger Stores

Large retailers are always expected to sell wines in hordes. If they do not manage to hit the numbers for a specific period, they end up with no choice but to sell those unsold wines for discounted prices. Therefore, look for the bigger, well-known stores instead of convenient stop-offs while heading home from work.

Remain Focused

If you are out shopping for wine, make sure you enter the store with an already prepared list of items to buy. Wine destination shops usually try to bewilder you when you step onto their premises. To derive value, focus on the list you have handy and do not get distracted. The store may be running wine specials, but they don’t make the products a great purchase. Also, pay only what you can afford. Do due diligence. If you have knowledge about the varieties, wineries, regions and grapes you prefer, you are most likely to grab a great deal on good wine.

Don’t Explore Unknown Territories

If you are a habitual wine taster, you should know what you’re getting into. In other words, you would be familiar with a Barossa cabernet or Orange Chardonnay and would have knowledge about what pleases you. If in doubt, don’t experiment or try out new things. Stick with the tried and tested: Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Riesling. However, do not overlook varieties that could be offering you some really good deals. The regular buyer is very conservative. You need not be so.

Exotic Wines

The best Australian wine is not always the bigger, established names. More unfamiliar Aussie varieties could offer you great bargains. You just need to know about these brands a bit beforehand so that you could be sure of their quality.

It’s All About Timing

The wine’s age should not be on your mind if you are on the lookout for a value-for-money deal. In fact, the majority of wines that are being sold for discount prices are varieties that are ready to drink. Their shelf-lives are pretty short. As far as timing goes, June is the ideal month to buy some good wine for cheap.

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