Important Outdoor Lifestyle Clothing

Important Outdoor Lifestyle Clothing:

So you are sorted with all your products and gear needed to enjoy your next outdoor trip, but what about your clothing:

Like any sport, which I believe outdoor lifestyle clothing is, you must have the proper clothing but unlike most sorts, the wrong clothing won’t make you lose a match or race but your life!

So let us look at the most important top ten clothing needed when spending time in your favorite outdoor lifestyle sport:

  • 1: APPROPRIATE CLOTHING: depending on the weather for your outdoor stay, always pack and or wear the most comfortable but weather appropriate clothing as this can mean the difference between life and death.

Too heavy and warm clothing and the weather is extremely hot you may die of hyperthermia, to loose-fitting and light thin clothing and weather are very cold and you die of hypothermia.

So always check your weather reports, and if uncertain pack for both bad and good weather

  • 2: STURDY WALKING BOOTS: a good study boot that can support your ankles as well can help not only in preventing injury but keeps you warm and comfortable and you can walk more, thus see more on any outdoor excursion.
  • 3: THICK AND DURABLE SOCKS: this with your boots works wonders for your foot health as it absorbs sweat easier and prevents having if worn properly.
  • 4: BAD WEATHER GEAR: always have a rain jacket or poncho handy incase of that sudden downpours and change of weather.

Also if wearing shoes have and extra pair of waterproof boots for just such an emergency.

  • 5: GOOD JACKET WITH MANY POCKETS: always wear a jacket with lots of pockets as it will be handy to keep your hands free for any moving around but still have any small articles with you, like a torch, rolled up poncho, etc.
  • 6: WARM BUT BREATHABLE GLOVES: if walking a lot it’s always safe and easier to use a walking stick and a good breathable pair of gloves will help against any glisters, wooden splints, and even for gripping rocks or tree trunks along your path to help you move with ease
  • 7: A GOOD WARM WOOLEN CAP OR COOL HAT: for bad weather nothing beats a warm head as most heat escapes from the head and in hot weather a could hat can prevent stroke
  • 8: WATERPROOF HIDDEN POUCH FOR SAFETY: always keep a durable and waterproof pouch under clothing to keep your valuables safe.
  • 9: FLEECY UNDERWEAR DEPENDING ON THE WEATHER: nothing beats a nice set of fleecy warm long johns to keep you warm on that cold and rainy trips.
  • 10: DURABLE SHADES: whether hiking out just for the day or over a few days, camping one night or more, a good durable pair of shades can save your eyes and vision from the harsh sunlight.

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