Insider Tips For Finding Cheap Pole Dancing Classes

If you are aspiring to become a professional pole dancer or you are simply seeking to hone your pole training or dancing skills, then you might be interested in enrolling in classes near you. Though there are many places you can go to for pole training classes, these classes can be expensive in some places. However, there are still smart ways you can use to get cheap pole dancing classes. Below are helpful tips for finding cheap dancing classes in Sydney.

Where to find cheap pole dancing classes in Sydney

• Pole Dancing Studios: There are many dancing studios across Sydney that offer affordable pole dancing or training classes. These classes are suitable for all levels of pole dancing, ranging from beginners to seasoned pole dancers.

• Dance companies: Most dance companies in Sydney offer cheap classes on several types of dancing, including pole dancing, buti yopa, zumba, and ballroom dancing among others. Dance companies are suitable for offering classes to those striving to become professional pole dancers.

• Dance centers: Some dance centers in Sydney offer cheap full spectrum classes for beginners to advanced pole dancers. These classes focus on dance skill development.

How to cut costs

Try a monthly membership

Most establishments that offer pole and other types of dancing classes in Sydney offer monthly memberships. Monthly membership can significantly reduce the cost of dancing classes, especially if you plan to be going for classes regularly.

Don’t enroll in competition-level classes

Competition-level classes can be costly in the long-run. These classes require dancers to have costumes, shoes, and other training equipment, all of which can substantially increase the overall cost of these classes. As such, avoid such classes until you have mastered the basic pole training moves and skills. You can only enroll in competition level classes if you want to advance your skills to a professional dancer.

Get private classes at home

You can hire a private dancing trainer to give you private classes at home. It can be cheaper hiring a trainer on an hourly basis than paying for full-time classes at a dance studio or dance center. A private trainer can personalize classes to suit your dancing level.


Although most aspiring dancers pay a high price to become pole dancers, the cost of becoming a pole dancer in Sydney shouldn’t be that high. With so many places offering cheap pole dancing classes in Sydney, you just have to pick a place that suits your budget, then enroll for classes and become a pole dancer in a matter of time.

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