Installing Driving Range Nets

Safety should be paramount. Golf balls fly around a driving range all the time and their landing site can be unpredictable. While they should ideally fall within the bounds of the facilities, they may sometimes venture further due to bad swings, lack of control, or strong winds. This can be dangerous as the balls may hit the spectators or even people or cars nearby. It’s not always easy to avoid these things, especially if they are unexpected.

Installing driving range nets is the best way to protect the perimeter from wayward balls. This shield minimizes the risk of accidents so that players can swing with peace of mind. Below are some of the considerations when choosing nets:

Environmental Conditions

The installers must become familiar with the environmental conditions in the area. For example, it would be good to know how strong the winds can be and which direction they blow from. These will affect the speed of the ball and the possible trajectories. They can design reinforced structures at the most vulnerable sections. The soil conditions will also be examined so that the poles can be set at the right depth and have the appropriate support. The amount of precipitation and other weather factors will also be considered.

Fixed or Retractable Structure

The needs of the facility must of course be reflected in the design. Do they require a fixed structure or something that is retractable? If the driving range is not used for any other purpose, then a permanent structure is probably the way to go. This will be stronger and more durable. However, if the net has to be taken down every so often, then something retractable will have to be installed. The installers will discuss possible solutions.

Type and Height of Poles

Poles come in different types in terms of the material and design. Each of these have their own pros and cons. Discuss your budget and your needs in order to come up with a suitable choice. The height of the poles will also be a factor. In a driving range, the nets may need to come up quite high since the ball’s flight can reach tens of meters in the air. The poles must be able to remain sturdy even when stretched vertically.

Code Compliance

There might be local codes for driving ranges that will have to be followed. Coordinate with the installer to ensure that the design passes scrutiny to avoid problems in the future.

Driving range nets are important safety features in these facilities. Take time to study the various factors that affect the design for best results.

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