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If you have advertisements on your website, you need to pay even more attention as they can load heavy code on your pages, often not optimized. This aspect clearly reflects negatively on the loading speed of your web pages. Carefully consider the relationship between costs and benefits of showing these advertisements, it may be that all in all it is not worth it.

Updates and maintenance

A final consideration concerns the efficiency of the site over time. A constant and continuous intervention of renewal, maintenance and updating of the site is essential as well as for reasons of security and compatibility of the site with the devices and software used by users to ensure their efficiency and speed over time.

These maintenance interventions can be periodical (for example the updating or modification of the software, functions and plugins) or they can be occasional when there are single problems or new opportunities (for example interventions related to the evolution of the servers and hosting, change in the functioning logic of search engines, etc.).

In any case, it is always advisable to monitor your site to see how fast it is loading on different browsers and devices. Graphic Design Liverpool, on the other hand, ensures that your business benefits from attractive branding that is consistent and of high quality.

The speed of a website is essential to have a good ranking on search engines, it contributes, together with other elements, to the ranking in SERP, and for this reason it can not be underestimated. The speed of loading your pages is also important because the faster it is to load a page, the more satisfied are your customers. Your website is fast but you are not visible on search engines anyway? You probably need a more in-depth analysis and quality Graphic Design Liverpool.

Did you know that the loading speed of the pages of your site actually affects the positioning of search engines? Are the pages on your site fast enough to guarantee a good ranking in the SERPs?

The speed of loading a site’s pages is a very influential factor in climbing the SERPs, in fact, the greater the speed with which a user can navigate on a website, the greater the possibility of the site to shine on the engine of search.

Google officially declared that since July 2018 it will introduce the speed update: the loading speed of the pages of a site will be a determining factor for the positioning in the mobile version of the SERP. A very important step on the mobile level that completes a path that began back in 2010 when Google had imposed the loading speed as a primary element for the positioning in the SERP version Desktop.

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