Nerdy Onesies, The Why’s ?

Nerdy Onesies, the latest craze to hit the Onesie world.

With the increase of nerdy and geeky characters in movies and comic books, even superheroes have been represented as nerds either as their alternative persona or their hero persona, THE NERD IS BACK IN TOWN.

Yes, just like in the early eighties, when the Nerd movies became famous and created this sub-culture for nerds and their fame, with the new NERD REVOLUTION it is cool to be nerdy again.

With this new cool nerd look, it was only obvious the other nerdy look (or funny), the ONESIE, should join forces and create the NERDY ONESIE.

It is the latest fashion at pajama parties, as warm winter wear around the fire and on a camping trip, and even at raves out in the middle of nowhere!

Yes, the new revival onesie will make you wanna die of laughing or just run out and buy as many as possible.

Designs vary according to the market, as it started with just a few quirky nerdy quotes like “JOIN THE NERD HERD” to what is known today as full-blown NERD ATTIRE, with fake nerd spectacles on the face of the hoodie, worn as a mask, to huge funny ears flopping around on the hoodie with all the different geeky characters on the body of the onesie,

You will even find the onesie for the connoisseur nerd, a onesie that looked like the clothes worn by the nerds in all the nerd movies (the pants that were too short and raised above the ankles and high above the waistline, the checkered shirt all with the pocket protector and pens in the pocket) all this printed on the onesie so that the new era nerd need not forget where their roots are.

With this influx of characters in movies and comic books, more and more every day, the market for onesies has been saturated with the NERD wear all over the world.

There have been unconfirmed reports that it has even leaked into the Cosplay and Comicon world, though no comment has been made from any of the more non-nerdy / geeky attendees, as to whether this is acceptable behavior for such esteemed events, but maybe Sheldon Cooper can make a statement about this, seeing that he is the KING of Comicon and The biggest and coolest Nerd known today, but he has not been found yet to make any comments.

So if you are into Nerds, Geeky playthings and or onesies get you Nerdy Onesies today!!!

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