Questions To Answer Before You Publish IOS App

The most popular apps stores are installed on every phone. You need to get into these platforms in order to increase your chances of being discovered by your target audience. Anyone with a developer account can submit their apps but this doesn’t guarantee acceptance. They screen everything that comes their way. Some are rejected for various reasons. Each store has distinct guidelines as to what they can allow. It’s best to read the specifics before you publish iOS app creations. You could also answer the following questions:

Is the App Unique?

A lot of publish iOS app are rejected because they are not deemed unique enough. Perhaps there are similar apps in the store and you are submitting something that feels too close to their implementation. Maybe you could rethink the layout and controls. Perhaps you could add a feature that no one else has to make your creation stand out. Maybe it’s just a matter of changing your app name and writing a better description.

Is the App Useful?

If you app is unique but it isn’t deem very useful, then it might still get rejected. An app that simply regurgitates content that can be seen on the web could be denied. In this case, you may want to add features that improve interactivity with the users. You should also make the content more dynamic, specific, and helpful. In other words, it should provide value for the people who will install it.

Is the App Attractive?

This is a highly subjective criterion but the platform may provide specifics to guide developers. Read their style guide to make sure that you are following their instructions. These will ultimately improve your app since they are focused on the best practices for good user experience.

Is the App Reliable?

You must test your app extensively in order to find bugs and errors. Clean them up before submitting it for inspection or else it could be rejected because of instability and unreliability. It should run smoothly with all links pointing to the right page and all actions completed in a predictable manner.

Is the App Objectionable?

The app should not include objectionable content as defined in the store policies. These are mandatory reading if you are dealing with sensitive subjects.

Are the Screenshots Helpful?

Submit screenshots that provide an accurate previous of what the users can expect from your app. See how others are doing it so that you can take cues.

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