Sell Your Home Quicker With A Few Simple Tips

The quicker you can sell house Philadelphia, the less time and effort it’ll take to move on with your life. And as you probably know, spring and summer offer the best opportunities for a speedy sale (the favorable weather makes for a smoother buying process). But it goes without saying that you can’t just list your home in February and hope to sell quickly — timing is just one piece of the puzzle. Read on to find out what else you need to do.

Price it Right

It’s no secret that you’re looking to extract as much profit as you can from your home sale — everyone does. But it’s also important to be realistic. What you originally paid for the house matters less than what the market is currently dictating. And the idea of starting off at an unreasonably-high price so you can come down later just won’t work. Today’s buyers have more information on their fingertips than ever; they can tell what your home’s worth before they even set foot.

But it’s not to say you should underprice to sell quickly. Rather, you want to choose a figure that makes sense in light of prevailing market trends. This could mean getting a home appraisal done as you prepare for the sale.

Find the Right Agent

When you’re trying to quickly sell house Philadelphia, a good real estate agent can make all the difference. And if you know someone who sold in record time, it only makes sense to ask for a referral to the realtor they used.

But let’s be serious: It’s important that you hire an agent with a track record for speedy sales. They must prove that they’re a good fit for your situation (i.e. the kind of property you’re selling, and your local market). Also ask them to review the house from a buyer’s perspective. Does it have any ‘catchy’ features? And what changes should you make to draw more interest? You should only hire an agent who can answer these questions satisfactorily.

Get Involved

While your realtor will be officially in charge of marketing, there’s no harm in getting the word out yourself. Use your social media channels, and send the listing to friends and family. Perhaps someone in their circles is looking to buy — you never know.

You’ll also want to spread the word in your neighborhood (consider leveraging your HOA’s email list). The more people you inform, the higher the odds of finding someone who’s interested — which is vital when you’re trying to achieve a quick sale.

Be Flexible

Buyers want to be able to tour the house as soon as they come across your listings. They’ll also want to come at their own time of liking. If you can offer viewings 7 days a week with little or no notice in advance, the better. You’ll offer more prospects the opportunity to view, which will increase chances for a quicker sale. Be ready to move out quickly as well — you don’t want to be caught lingering around when the buyer arrives.

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