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Some people just use powdered makeup by brushing their faces with the applicator provided in a kit. A flat bush and a cone-shaped brush are not the only options. Professional brushes are available that greatly improve the application of makeup. These fine brushes are able to apply both light and heavy makeup with beauty and consistency. A contour brush is a must-have addition to your collection because of its ability to smooth applied powder.

It really does pay to buy different brushes. A small brush might fit into a compact kit, but it works slowly and does not usually apply the powder evenly to create a professional look. Lacking precise equipment with a good handle, applying makeup with a tiny brush and a tinier grip can be expertise in itself. When makeup needs to be very good, trust nothing less than quality applicators and softening brushes.

Not all brushes are equal. Some brands are expensive, and part of that cost might very well be equal. These brand name brushes might also be higher quality than cheap brushes purchased from Amazon. A dedicated website can show all the options available from different manufacturers. The most important thing is to find a sturdy brush that uses good bristles. The quality of synthetic fibers have improved and are now competitive with natural bristles in their ability to apply makeup.

A home kit might only need a few brushes, but a contour brush is essential. The bristles are not arranged conically but are slightly rectangular with a curving shape at the end. The bristles are not long like a powder brush but are instead short and therefore stiff. This brush is used to smooth the borders between layers of makeup.

People who wear theatrical makeup or else want to emphasize the contour of their cheeks will apply light makeup on the whole of their cheek and then overlap it with darker pigment around their cheekbone. This is then blended smoothly to create the illusion of a shadow. The end effect is to create a cheek that seems more mature and hallow. Runway models will do this if they want to make their faces seem skinnier and de-emphasize youthful features.

A stiff brush can soften even garishly contrasting pigments. When makeup is applied using a pencil, this is often the initial effect, but proper work with a contour brush will work the dramatic contrast away. A good brush is as important as the skill of the makeup artist, and having both a good brush and skill will give you the look that you want.

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