Some Preschool Fitness Ideas

Preschool Fitness Ideas:

With stats showing one out of every five preschoolers is in the obesity classification, it is only obvious that all preschool should have an exercise program for the body as part of their curriculum second to the brain exercise.

One of the most effective and easiest ways to do this is compulsory playtime outside with enough interesting playground equipment to keep them occupied for the full playtime session.

Then you can also have different programs while in the class, and because art is loved by basically any preschooler, though it may seem minuscule as and exercise compared to the playground, it is still the use of the muscles (and brain-so its a two for one package) and any movement of the muscles burns up energy and creates exercise, as well as keeps them away from snacking and overeating because of boredom.

Preschool Fitness Theme Art

1:Finger Painting

This can be very important not only as form of exercise but forms part of their dexterity learning abilities. By finger painting, they exercise their fingers and the more they do it the more they enjoy it and the more they will keep doing it even at home.

While doing this, the teacher can also keep them entertained or take their mind off the fact that they are actually exercising by talking to them about how, by doing this painting, which muscles they are using and why it is good for them to be using these muscles, all the while strengthening and exercising it.
This form of exercise can also be explained by how their hands are used to different stuff like brushing their teeth and putting on clothes etc.

2: Ball Painting:

By placing the paint-covered paper in a box and then asking children to use small balls or even marbles and placing them into these boxes and moving the box around in circles all over the place (left, right, around the head, up, and down) and by keep adding more and more painted paper(different colors) the game becomes exciting as more and more of the strange and weird patterns appear on the balls and or marbles, the more they want to do it.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, they are exercising the core, upper and lower arms as well as there back muscles.

3: My Bones

Though a bit of a tough one, because of them not understanding what they cannot see this will force them to concentrate and use their imagination (another two in one-muscle and brain exercise) and thus causing them to really throw their everything in it and depending on the materials use can use lots of energy to produce their final products

So these simple exercises can help no matter what Preschool Fitness Ideas!

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