Steps To Publish IOS App

There are two major mobile platforms right now: Android and iOS. Publish iOS app on the former tends to be easier than the latter. Many have been rejected based different criteria from technical to design to content. For this reason, many often choose to publish first on Android, get feedback, improve their app, and apply for iOS when they are ready. Below are some of the steps you will need to take to publish iOS app:

Review the App Store Guidelines

Many of reasons for rejection can be avoided if the developer took the time to study the app store guidelines. Make sure to read and understand the entire thing so that you can stay clear of the common pitfalls. There are sections on safety, performance, business, design, and legal matters. Some of these sections contain sensitive topics so be sure to go through each carefully. Make revisions to your app as needed from the information you have just read.

Purchase a Developer License

Once you are confident in your app, you can create your account and purchase a developer license. Unlike their competitor which asks for a one-time token amount, they charge a much larger sum that repeats each year. Consider whether this is worth paying. If you think that your app will bring in more money that it consumes, then go ahead and make the leap. Otherwise, you can stick to the other app store instead.

Create a Product Page

Enter the information that will go into your product page. Give your app a name and a description. Create an icon for it that will act as its shortcut. Take screenshots that will give people a glimpse of what they can expect. They encourage having at least one of these shots showing dark mode, if available. Prepare app previews as well. Think about good keywords for the product page to help users find your app. You can also write promotional text and a subtitle.

Provide App Privacy Details

They will also be interested in knowing how the app interacts with the downloader’s device and its files. You will need to enter privacy practices including access requirements and data acquisition. If you are allowing third-party partners to get customer details by embedding their code into your app, then you need to inform them of this as well.

If you need more information, then you can get assistance from your developer or from an app builder company.

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