The Benefits Of An Automated Parking Garage

Automation is no longer confined to large factories. Advanced technologies are also being deployed to other areas in order to solve persistent problems. For example, you can now find automated parking garage technologies that car owners will surely love. Although the initiate cash outlay to install such a system is substantial, the benefits can make the whole enterprise worth every cent. Consider the following examples of what automation can do to parking:

Faster Flow of Cars

In traditional parking spaces, each driver is tasked to maneuver his own car around the facility in order to find a spot. The problem is that people have their own preferences when it comes to location so some might go around and around just to search for an acceptable spot. This wastes a lot of time while taking up precious lane space. Bottlenecks often develop which further slows things down. Automation can make everything more efficient such that wait times are slashed for parking and retrieving cars.

Lower Risk of Collisions

Property prices are high so it is no surprise that parking developers try to cram as much car slots as they can in any space. They also make the paths incredibly narrow. This makes it challenging to navigate for drivers. It is not uncommon for collisions to occur despite utmost care. Automation removes these issues since the cars move through belts with specified paths. Collison is unlikely to happen thanks to the system design and equipment precision.

More Spots Per Area

Since machines will be running the show, the tolerances between every slot can be made extremely small. Robots can achieve a high level of precision — something that most humans have trouble with when seated behind the wheel. An even greater number of vehicles can be accommodated in a building. Even the vertical stack height can be reduced since people won’t be walking towards their cars anyway.

Safer against Theft

Owners will simply drive their cars to the entrance and let the machines do the parking. No one is allowed inside except for technicians and engineers. This makes the system safer against thieves who are known to go around parking lots seeking easy targets. People can leave their belongings with confidence. They can shop, dine, watch, play, and party all day without worries about the state of their cars knowing that these are in safe hands.

An automated parking garage provides a safer and more efficient system than traditional spaces.

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