The Process Of PCB Inspection

For a PCB manufacturing firm, PCB inspection is one of the primary operations that will ensure the products are of standard quality. A low-quality PCB product can cause the manufacturer both reputational and financial losses. Today clients are quick to return and demand back compensation for faulty products. Customers also have access to several consumer reviews sites online. They can leave negative feedback for the product or the manufacturer that can harm the overall business of the PCB firm. Companies set up PCB inspection teams of experts and qualified technicians to ensure that there are no faults in any of the manufacturing units’ products.

The Functioning of PCB Inspecting Teams

These teams carry out random inspections and defined quality checks for PCB products in manufacturing or inventory. A big PCB manufacturing firm is aware of the financial losses that can come from a faulty stock. PCB inspection teams ensure active inspections of all such products to ensure there are no faults in manufacturing or the end-product.

PCB Inspecting Methods

A standard method is manual checking, where the PCB inspecting teams check all circuit boards and manufacturing processes by themselves to ensure there are no faults. In some cases hiring manual teams for complete inspection may not be the best option. The standard approach for PCB inspection may take more time, require the company to hire more experts for review, and there could be some deviation in the finding.

Another popular PCB inspection method is using the Automated Optical Inspection (AOI). Here the system takes pictures of PCBs and records all the manufacturing processes. These automatic systems have set standards, so they automatically compare the recorded operations with these standards. Most findings with these inspection methods are highly accurate, and such PCB inspections take less time compared to the manual review.

Automated X-Ray Inspection (AXI)

A more advanced approach is to go for Automated X-Ray Inspection (AXI). Implementation of AXI is costly, and the method applies to PCBs with higher density, and it uses IC mounting technology. These are powerful systems that can view through chips to detect the solder joints.

Overall, PCB inspection remains one of the standard inspection operations in all PCB manufacturing units. Other units that support or perform additional inspection include QC (Quality Control) and QA (Quality Assurance) teams. Inspection teams can also advise on some changes to improve the process, such as hiring certain experts or using more modernized machines.

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