Tips For Camping In Meghalaya

There are so many activities you can engage in while at Meghalaya. You can go hiking between the hills or explore the caves walking through their dark interiors. The place is nestled in beautiful orchids and forests. Below are some of the tips for camping in Meghalaya:

Pack the appropriate sleeping gear

Have extra blankets with you, in case it turns out to be cold. You can carry a hot water bottle too, to keep you warm on cold nights. Insufficient blankets can make you feel miserable in the cold nights. This is a mistake that should be avoided at all costs.

Pack enough clothes

Carry enough clothes. Remember, there may be no laundry services in the area. Weather conditions change. So, carry different attires for different weather conditions

Don’t forget cooking equipment

Don’t rely on cooking with open fire. The weather may disappoint you. Have other options, such as a simple stove. Have enough cutleries, pans, kettles and other utensils you may need.

Take precaution

Have a first aid kit with you. The kit should contain sunscreens, blister creams, and personal medication.

Get sufficient lighting

You don’t want to topper over objects in your camp. It may cause injuries. Still, carrying out different activities like cooking in the dark is no fun. Battery or solar-powered lights are more suitable.

Get the correct tent

The number of occupants will determine the size of a tent suitable for you. Ensure it is spacious and comfortable. If your tent is not weather resistant, pack a tent cover too, in case it rains. Make sure you have the skills to set up a tent.

Pack enough personal items

Don’t forget to carry your personal items such as toiletries. You don’t want to keep on borrowing from other people.

Plan on the meals

Before the camping date, write up some cooking menus. Shop for the ingredients a day before the actual trip.

Get to the site early

It would be best if you got there early so that you can identify the appropriate place to put up your tent. Setting out a tent can also be time-consuming. It would be so bad if you arrived late, and darkness starts to set in even before you identify where to pitch your tent.
Camping in Meghalaya comes with a lot of adventure. You will get to spend quality time with your loved ones away from urban life. Appropriate preparation will make the experience even much better.

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