Tips On How To Choose The Best Vibrating Sieves

Circular vibrating sieves are among the most important pieces of equipment in processing and grading products in the production, mining, and building industry. They help in grading products in the production process and grading the type of building materials required to build or fill a construction structure. So, if you are in the market/stores looking for a circular vibrating sieve, there are factors you should always look for before you buy or choose a sieve for your task. Like any other grading equipment, size, production rate, price, type of material under test, and spare parts’ availability should be the key factors. And as usual, we always aim to give you ideas and tips on selecting the best and reliable vibrating screens.

Factors to Consider When Buying Vibrating Screens

Type of Material

One of the things that affect a circular vibrating sieve’s production rate is the type of material under test or grading. Different materials have different sizes and shapes, and for them to be graded or sieved well, they have to match or fit in spaces available. Designers or manufacturers have some specification about the size and type of the material to be used with different sieves, take your time and try to assess the type of material you be grading, and then pick a sieve that will fit and match the structure so as you can maintain quality and speed.


Like any other equipment, price determines the type, size, quality, and production rate of the device you will buy. On an open market, price is always proportional to quality and size, so the larger the vibrating screen, the higher the price. And when we speak of size, we mean a sieve with many sieves making the grading accurate and more precise. It is then smart and wise to always invest well in the sieves you buy because the quality is something you should always give to your customers. The best way to ensure you maintain both production and quality is through buying quality equipment.

Power Consumption

Circular vibrating sieves are rated differently, which determines the machine’s power and speed. The higher the ratings, the more the power cost you spend; it is then wise and economical to always buy a machine that matches your operating cost. In conclusion, if you have old vibrating screens or sieves, it is wise always to replace them with new ones to ensure your quality or grading is up to a point.

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