Top Picks For Lunch In Sydney

With so many best lunch Sydney, it’s hard to know where to go for lunch. We’ve compiled our best picks for one of the best meals of the day!


The Green Papaya – This Vietnamese restaurant is located on Elizabeth Street and serves traditional dishes that are delicious. They have a menu with plenty of options if you don’t want pho today. Try their chicken curry noodles or vegetable soup!


Coco’s Cantina – There are two locations in Sydney, both downtown which makes them perfect for grabbing lunch during your workday commute. They offer fresh Mexican food made from scratch daily, including enchiladas and burritos! Their guacamole is also amazing- and they offer delivery if you’re short on time.


Chu The Phat – Chu the Phat is best known for its amazing sushi and sashimi platters, but we think that their lunch menu should be highlighted too! They have excellent bento boxes with options including teriyaki salmon, fried soft shell crab, or beef bulgogi to name a few. All of them come with rice, salad, miso soup, and edamame beans!


Tetsuya’s – Tetsuya’s is best known for its award-winning tasting menu, but their lunch offering is also fantastic. Their tranquil and minimalistic restaurant provides the perfect setting for a quiet business lunch or an intimate date!


Sake Restaurant and Bar — Sake offers contemporary Japanese cuisine with beautiful plating and presentation to match. Located in The Rocks district of Sydney, this busy yet quaint establishment has excellent customer service making it one of our go-to spots when we want high-quality sushi or sashimi at affordable prices. They offer both traditional dishes like tempura udon as well as more unique options such as freshwater eel nigiri which you won find anywhere else.

Their tranquil and minimalistic restaurant provides the perfect setting for a quiet business lunch or an intimate date!


Luxe Bar & Dining — Luxe offers modern European cuisine with gourmet dishes using fresh, local ingredients. Located in Darling Harbour just outside of Sydney’s CBD their chic d├ęcor paired with bright pops of color makes it feel like you are dining in Paris instead of Australia. Their menu includes both traditional French food as well as more experimental options such as lobster corndogs which is sure to impress guests looking to try something new while still enjoying high-quality meals.

They have an extensive wine list so if you need help deciding on what wine best complements your meal they can point out some excellent choices.

You cant miss with these choices of restaurants for best lunch Sydney.

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