Top Reasons Why You Must Always Hire a Certified St. Louis Electrician for Your Electrical Projects

291 st louis electrical contractor350You can try painting your room, constructing a new bookshelf, or changing your car’s flat tire, but when it comes electric wires and connections, it is best to seek for the able hands of a certified St Louis electrician. Electrical tasks demand the expertise of professional electricians who are certified and have verified licenses to practice. Never even trust repairmen who come promising that they can fix your electrical problems, especially if they cannot provide you with the proper certification to back their expertise. Try to always deal with certified electricians and here is why:

Quality of Work

Electricians are required to undergo several years of training and to pass certification and licensing examinations as stipulated by the local or federal boards before they are allowed to practice. Hiring a certified and licensed electrician will ensure that your completed electrical project is of the highest quality. It will also ensure that the installation or repair made will serve you for a very long without any hitches.


Considering that certified electricians will mostly provide you with top notch work, you will save yourself the trouble of constantly hiring other electricians to fix a substandard installation work that was completed by a previous electrician that you hired. Although a certified electrician may cost you more, it is worth the money because electrical jobs often carry a certain degree of innate hazards. Hiring a repairman with little knowhow on electrical works just because they are affordable is never a good decision as it will cost you more than you think; you may end up buying wrong materials and paying for damages caused by faulty electrical systems.


Safety is one of the most important concerns when it comes to electric repairs, maintenance, and installations. A repairman with limited knowledge on electricity-related works may result into electrocution, untoward accidents, and even death. On the other hand, a certified electrician understands the necessary steps and tests that should be done before any form of electrical work is done. Additionally, certified electricians have the right tools and protective gear to ensure that safety is observed in any kind of work that they are involved in.

Besides, a certified electrician will ensure that the repairs or installations that he or she makes in your premises will not cause any fire hazards. This is the main reason why even established contractors hire the services of electrical work firms to take care of the electrical installations whenever they are putting up new buildings.

It Helps You Abide By Set Regulations

Many municipalities require that all sophisticated electrical repairs and installation in any premise is handled by only certified or professional electricians or electric work companies. Besides, there are other buildings and electricity-related codes that you must abide by before you are granted a legal building permit. Hiring a certified electrician will save you from the trouble of having to remember some of these regulations as most of them already meet them and can further advice you on the many others that you might not be well acquainted with. Remember, failure to follow set regulations can lead to hefty fines and penalties, and can even involve imprisonment, especially when electrical faults in your premises cause death or injuries to others.

By and large, the cost of buying or owning a premise is probably the biggest investment that many people make in their lifetime. Accordingly, it makes a lot of sense to go for professional contractors to fix different projects. Although hiring low cost contractors may sometimes appear lucrative or cost effective, most of the time, it is not and can be very dangerous. If you want any electrical work done in your premise, always consider hiring a certified St Louis electrician.

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