TRX Curls For Bigger And Stronger Biceps

The biceps are among the most utilized muscle groups. We use the biceps to carry objects, turn the door knob, get our food, pull items, and many more. Making them strong is helpful for daily tasks. They are also one of the top benchmarks for TRX curls signals how hard you work in the gym. These days, a lot of people are trying to stay fit at home but you can still work on your biceps without a complete dumbbell set. Just do TRX curls using your bodyweight as resistance. It’s more than enough for a great workout.

The Setup

Make sure that your suspension straps are wrapped around a sturdy mount. You could use a wall mount or a door mount as long as it can handle your weight. Adjust the length of the straps to medium length with the handles falling about halfway between the floor and the mount. Now grab the handles with both hands and step back with your arms in front. Keep your back straight and have your elbows shoulder-width apart. Lean back with your body forming an angle with respect to the floor while holding onto the straps for support. The palms should be facing up.

The Movement

From the starting position described above, try to flex your biceps to pull yourself up. Bend your elbows as you do so with your hands facing your head. The handles should reach the height of your ears once your elbows are fully bent. Hold for a second and relax your arms again, allowing your body to fall back down while keeping everything straight. Do this gradually in a controlled motion to make your biceps work the whole way. Breathe slowly in rhythm with the movements. Breathe in going down and breathe out going up.

The Variations

You can make this exercise harder by increasing the angle such that your body is closer to the floor. This transfers more of your weight to the horizontal plane which makes it more difficult to pull yourself back up. You could also do the reverse. If the initial attempts feel too hard, then you can make your starting position closer to the vertical to reduce the load on your biceps. Always keep your body straight from the heel to the head. This will also engage your core and strengthen those muscles. Consider changing the distance between your feet. A wider stance is more stable. Advanced users might put the feet close together to develop their stabilizing muscles.

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