Using Rustic Lumber As House Decor

Rustic lumber has a character that makes it look much more interesting compared to freshly-cut lumber. It looks and feels like it has gone through much because it has. That is why so many people continue to search for these when creating projects all around the house. If they are after a certain aesthetic, then there is simply no other choice. Most of the wood they are after come from old barns that have been demolished to make way for new facilities around farms. The planks are still in good shape and a bit of cleaning can make them as sharp as ever. These can be used to decorate the house in the following ways:

Feature Wall

The planks can be used to cover an entire wall to attract more attention. This could be the focal point of a living room for example. The lumber could be the background while the TV is in the foreground. The wall may also feature artworks, photographs, or mirrors. Anything goes as long as they look good together with the rustic theme set by the wood. It would be best to cover everything from floor to ceiling, unless there is something like a wide cabinet already blocking the bottom part of the wall.

Art Frame

The wood can also be used to make custom frames for any artwork bought or created by the DIY enthusiast. Just cut the pieces evenly with about two to four inches of width being suitable for most items. You can add flair by making patterns on the surface or you can leave the wood as is since its color and texture is already quite intriguing. Indeed, some people will even use the planks of wood as the artwork itself. They may cut them in various lengths and put them together as if in a jigsaw puzzle.

Simple Furniture

Others will want their rustic lumber to be both decorative and functional. To do this, they might create simple furniture with the planks that take advantage of their shapes and sizes. The most common would be shelves for organizing books, travel souvenirs, and other collections. Some will use the planks as vertical plant hangers for bare walls inside or outside the house. They can be used as wood sconces as well. Consider making key and mail holders using these planks. If you have the skills, you can make a clock with rustic face.

There are endless uses for old barn wood for the imaginative decorators.

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