What Is Construction Engineering?

Construction engineering is a field that involves many important tasks, including the design and execution of major public works projects, such as highways, bridges, airports, and dams. It is a very practical field, providing critical infrastructure that is necessary for basic economic functioning and day to day transportation needs. It is also a hands-on field, requiring workers who are not afraid to get dirty to get the job done.

157The engineers who work in this field must be especially versatile, able to serve in a role that is a unique amalgamation of a civil engineer and a construction manager. Like civil engineers, they must have pass an engineering exam and understand the design concepts of building projects. However, they must also be like construction managers in that they must understand the actual execution of plans as well as building requirements in the area where they work; simply understanding conceptual design is not enough. Certainly, it is not an easy field to work in, but it is a very important one, one where individuals can truly make a difference in the well-being of their community.

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