Why You Need A Slow Speed Juicer

A slow speed juice is one item you should have in your kitchen because this device is extremely useful. You can use your juicer to extract nutrients from your favorite fruits and vegetables. You also need this tool to blend special ingredients for some of those wonderful meals that keep you healthy and properly nourished. Below are some of the qualities of the best juicers out there.


One essential quality of the best slow speed juicer is speed. If your juice has only fast and faster speeds, this is not the right product for you. Remember that we are talking about a slow speed juicer here. For this reason, the right product for you is the one that has slow and slower speeds. The slower the speed, the better for you because slow speeds help you extract more juices from your fruits and vegetables.

Motor Size

Some users have the impression that slow speed juicers do not need a powerful motor. This impression is not correct because you need a powerful motor to rip through tough fibers. If you will be juicing “strong” vegetables like turnips and beets, you need a juicer with a powerful motor. If your juicer comes with an insufficient motor, it might burn out over time. The right motor size for your juicer is 1.1 horsepower (HP) or even higher.


If you want to enjoy your juicer, you should look out for simplicity. A juicer that is relatively easy to assemble and clean is the right one for you. Some juicers are difficult to use and this can be very frustrating. Other products are hard to clean and even more difficult to assemble. You are not a mechanical engineer so you should avoid complicated juicers. Go for the simple ones and you will enjoy using these juicers.

Size of Feed Tube

Juicer feed tubes come in different sizes so you have many options here. However, it pays to choose the one with a relatively large feed tube. This is because if the feed tube is large, you do not have to cut your fruits and vegetables into small pieces. The ideal size should at least 3 inches or even wider.

Size of the Pulp Container

Your ideal juicer should have a large pulp container because this makes it more efficient. If you are juicing a large amount of fruits or vegetables, a large pulp container makes sense because you do not have to keep emptying it while you work.

Final Word

The best slow speed juicer for you is the one that has the features above. Buy the right product and you will enjoy its excellent benefits.

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